In Eventum we are ready!

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain, in March 2020, the events sector has had to adapt quickly to the current situation and has developed different Anti-Covid protocols that comply with the current sanitary requirements. We want to explain very briefly how we can help you and how we have prepared ourselves for these special circumstances:

  • NEW WAY OF WORKING, NEW PROFILES: in the coming months you will need new profiles to comply with the new anti-Covid19 protocols,  we explain you some examples:
  • Access control staff:

– Parking controllers (inputs/outputs).
– Preparing access attendees in an orderly manner and maintaining the safe distance.
– Temperature measurement: exclusive profiles to measure the temperature of each person.
– Capacity control.

  • People Flow Managers (with these profiles we will help to decongest corridors and entrances/exits).
  • Ushers (locating attendees in their assigned area/seats in a stepwise manner and avoiding crowds).
  • Social distance controllers and hygienic measurements.
  • Extra cleaning and disinfection staff.
  • Auxiliary audiovisual technician (to change and disinfect microphones).

All these profiles will have individual protection equipments and specific course of Occupational Risks Anti-COVID-19  depending on the function they develop.

We can corporatize any individual protection equipments that our staff will need with your logo, client logo or of congress logo. We work with the best suppliers. Ask us for a quote! We are agile and offer you the maximum guarantees.

  • ANTI-COVID19 LABORAL RISK: Since April 8th 2020, the risk of covid-19 contagion is considered an occupational risk. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has published several "Good Practice Guidelines to Prevent the Contagion of Covid at Work" and since May 8th 2020 has confirmed the need for compulsory training. Therefore, is mandatory that all our staff do a new course on Occupational Risks Anti-COVID-19. In coordination with our occupational risk technicians, we teach this course in online format to all our staff.

We are aware of new processes that may affect our staff and we are ready to start working.

  • SAFETY WARRANTY "COVID 19": As members of ADEAZA, the most important association of our activity in the event sector in Spain,  we have signed a Responsible Commitment of compliance with the Guide of Recommendations and Measures for the Reduction of Contagion to Coronavirus (SARS – CoV2) for the Organization Support Staff in Congresses, Events and Promotions, prepared by all ADEAZA partners, which involves obtaining the ADEAZA Seal "Security Guarantee – COVID 19".  This guide is at your disposal by requesting it by sending an email to: